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FavSites 1.0 Launched!

I’ve been developing my own personal android app over the past 3 days after office hours and its finally ready for prime time. Lets start with the overview of the application. FavSites is essentially a web application embedded with the Android Browser allowing you to pre-launch on load up to 5 of your favourite sites. You can add your tech news sites, search engines or any site that you want! Here are some of the features of FavSites:

– Customise up to 5 sites to be displayed in the tabs (name can be customised too!). 1 Tab is the minimum allowed.
– Manual clearing of application cache (which caches the pages to your internal storage) or automatically clearing of cache on exit
– Exit confirmation dialog (can be enabled or disabled)

That’s about all the features for version 1.0. Here are the instructions / tips on how to use FavSites effectively:

– Press your android device’s “Menu” button/icon to access the context menu which contains the preferences, about and exit button.
– In the preferences > tab options section, leaving ANY tab name blank (except Tab 1) will hide that tab from being displayed in the next launch of FavSites.
– Pressing the “back” button/icon on your android device will go back to the previous page of the selected tab. If you’re at the last page already, pressing the back button will close the app WITHOUT confirmation.
– To exit the app, press the “Menu” button/icon and then press on the “Exit” button.

Planned features for next release:
– Zoom feature and/or pinch-to-zoom
– Forward, backward, refresh buttons via context menu
– External SD card cache option

Here are some screenshots of the app:
FavSites Screenshot 1 of 4  FavSites Screenshot 2 of 4

FavSites Screenshot 3 of 4  FavSites Screenshot 4 of 4

So without further ado, here’s the download link to FavSites 1.0 (Tested on Android 2.1 and above in Emulator and Nexus One Running On Android 2.2):

Download FavSites 1.0

If you have any comments/suggestions/bug reports, kindly use the comment feature in this blog or if you prefer, send them over to malcolm.lim [AT] gmail.com. Thanks and enjoy 🙂

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    July 27, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Nice app! well done! Bravo!!

    Looking forward on the next release. Do you plan to have a version which target on other platform beside Android?

    THanks @!

    • July 27, 2010 at 5:41 pm

      Hi Kok Hoe,

      Thanks for your comments. Currently I do not have any plans for other platforms but I will sure inform everyone if there are plans to port this simple app over to other platforms. Currently this application is being developed as part of my learning process of the android development framework, so you could call it my glorified hello world program 🙂

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