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FavSites 1.1 Released!

Just a week after launching my first Android Application FavSites, i’ve been working hard to implement some new features to the application and fix some bugs in the process. Here’s the changelog for FavSites 1.1:

    New Features

  • Clear Cache Preference now displays the approximate cache size in KiloBytes (KB)
  • Added Two New Page Rendering Preferences Option – JavaScript and Display Images Option (useful for those who want text-only display OR those with a mobile data plan and just want to catch the latest news without images)
  • Added support for Flash to be displayed in the browser (there is a known bug where if a flash element is within view of the tabs above, it will overlap the tabs. I’ve yet to be able to fix this, so for now, please move your tab view outside of the flash element to prevent the overlapping issue)
  • Page loading indication below each tab, indicated by a text and a loading percentage (ex: is loading…(10%))
  • Added forward, backward and refresh capabilities to the menu area
    Bug fixes

  • Fixed some minor display issue in the preferences area for HTC Hero users (cross fingers)
  • Fixed some page rendering issues due to JavaScript not being enabled in the first release of FavSites

This release took me a while as I was trying to figure out how to add the page loading display and in the end, the solution was a simple one that I overlooked. Anyway, I’m quite happy with this release. The next release should include a zoom feature with (or without) pinch to zoom capability and possibly caching to SD card (so that you don’t have to worry about your internal storage).

As before, here are some screenshots of this release:
FavSites 1.1 Screenshot 1 of 4  FavSites 1.1 Screenshot 2 of 4

FavSites 1.1 Screenshot 3 of 4  FavSites 1.1 Screenshot 4 of 4

And now for the main course:

Download FavSites 1.1
Mirror Site For FavSites 1.1

Don’t forget – if you have any comments/suggestions/bug fixes, please kindly use the comment feature here or if you prefer to email me, go ahead and drop me a mail at malcolm.lim [AT] gmail.com.

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