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Car Loan Calculator 1.0 Released

August 21, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve just released a simple car loan calculator that i’ve been working over the past few days off and on. The reason why I created this calculator when there are others out there is because so far the ones i’ve seen doesn’t seem to match up and why I say this is because the one I’ve created has these features:

– Allows you to input in the car purchase price, down payment amount, interest rate (decimals allowed) and select the installment months
– Screen is kept ON all the time while the calculator is visible
– Screen orientation is fixed to portrait
– Has an option to clear all the fields and start over again through android’s context menu
– Better looking background (well at least from my personal point of view)

Here are some screenshots of this release:
Car Loan Calculator Screenshot  Car Loan Calculator Screenshot

You can grab the car loan calculator here:
Download Car Loan Calculator 1.0
Mirror Site For Car Loan Calculator 1.0

As usual – if you have any comments/suggestions/bugs found, please kindly use the comment feature here or if you prefer to email me, go ahead and drop me a mail at malcolm.lim [AT] Enjoy 🙂