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FavSites 1.21 Released. Bug fix release.

August 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi All,

I’ve just released FavSites 1.21 which fixes a small bug in the volume scrolling when you scroll down a page till the end, then scroll up a few times (before reaching the very top) and then immediately scroll down, it ends up scrolling to the bottom most of the page instead of scrolling down a page from where it was left off. You can grab this release here:

Download FavSites 1.21
Mirror Site For FavSites 1.21

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It’s Friday The 13th! FavSites 1.2 is up!

August 13, 2010 1 comment

I know its strange for me to be releasing something on Friday the 13th but I just couldn’t help myself. Anyway, I know that I’ve promised zoom features and stuff but I’ve been hard at work on other stuff that I just had to release this new version up because I think this release is pretty solid on its own without those features too. Here’s are the list of new goodies:

    New Features

  • Keep Screen ON option. Don’t you hate it when your phone screen times out when you’re reading an interesting article or some really awesome comic? Well don’t get upset anymore! With the keep screen ON option, as long as FavSites is in view, your phone’s screen will never time out.
  • Display orientation – You can toggle between automatic sensor orientation, set it to fixed portrait OR landscape orientation all the time.
  • Volume Scrolling – I like this one the most. You can use your volume rocker buttons to scroll UP and DOWN one page at a time for easy browsing/reading pleasure. Don’t like that? Perhaps you prefer to scroll to the topmost or the bottom of the page instead? No problem, you can set it to that instead if you prefer. Awesome right?
  • Google Web Toolkit mobile page rending – If you’re like me, you’ll probably be browsing some sites that are not optimized for mobile which requires a lot of horizontal scrolling and such. Well don’t worry anymore, you can set for each tab to render them in GWT (Google Web Toolkit) mobilizer form and on top of that, you can set whether you want to display images or not JUST for GWT sites to boot. Now, how cool is that?
  • Manual tab loading – Now this one came from a suggestion by a user in, setting this option on any tab allows you to manually load the tab by touching on the link in the tab. Having this option turned on would load up your tabs a bit faster (instead of loading up all 5 sites up at one go for instance) and also possibly gives you more freedom instead of loading all the tabs.
  • Now this one isn’t a feature, but just a minor cleanup on the tab options page, since its so crowded there, I’ve decided to put each tab options in a separate section. Looks cleaner that way.
    Bug fixes

  • In previous versions of FavSites, when you rotate your phone, the sites would be forced to reload due to the orientation change. I have fixed this issue in this version of FavSites.

As before, here are some screenshots of this release:
FavSites 1.2 Screenshot 1 of 4  FavSites 1.2 Screenshot 2 of 4

FavSites 1.2 Screenshot 3 of 4  FavSites 1.2 Screenshot 4 of 4

And now for the main course:

Download FavSites 1.21 (Fixed scrolling bug)
Mirror Site For FavSites 1.21 (Fixed scrolling bug)

As usual – if you have any comments/suggestions/bug fixes, please kindly use the comment feature here or if you prefer to email me, go ahead and drop me a mail at malcolm.lim [AT] Oh and if you like, you could tweet this with the new tweet option in WordPress! Have fun 🙂

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FavSites 1.1 Released!

August 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Just a week after launching my first Android Application FavSites, i’ve been working hard to implement some new features to the application and fix some bugs in the process. Here’s the changelog for FavSites 1.1:

    New Features

  • Clear Cache Preference now displays the approximate cache size in KiloBytes (KB)
  • Added Two New Page Rendering Preferences Option – JavaScript and Display Images Option (useful for those who want text-only display OR those with a mobile data plan and just want to catch the latest news without images)
  • Added support for Flash to be displayed in the browser (there is a known bug where if a flash element is within view of the tabs above, it will overlap the tabs. I’ve yet to be able to fix this, so for now, please move your tab view outside of the flash element to prevent the overlapping issue)
  • Page loading indication below each tab, indicated by a text and a loading percentage (ex: is loading…(10%))
  • Added forward, backward and refresh capabilities to the menu area
    Bug fixes

  • Fixed some minor display issue in the preferences area for HTC Hero users (cross fingers)
  • Fixed some page rendering issues due to JavaScript not being enabled in the first release of FavSites

This release took me a while as I was trying to figure out how to add the page loading display and in the end, the solution was a simple one that I overlooked. Anyway, I’m quite happy with this release. The next release should include a zoom feature with (or without) pinch to zoom capability and possibly caching to SD card (so that you don’t have to worry about your internal storage).

As before, here are some screenshots of this release:
FavSites 1.1 Screenshot 1 of 4  FavSites 1.1 Screenshot 2 of 4

FavSites 1.1 Screenshot 3 of 4  FavSites 1.1 Screenshot 4 of 4

And now for the main course:

Download FavSites 1.1
Mirror Site For FavSites 1.1

Don’t forget – if you have any comments/suggestions/bug fixes, please kindly use the comment feature here or if you prefer to email me, go ahead and drop me a mail at malcolm.lim [AT]

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FavSites 1.0 Launched!

July 24, 2010 2 comments

I’ve been developing my own personal android app over the past 3 days after office hours and its finally ready for prime time. Lets start with the overview of the application. FavSites is essentially a web application embedded with the Android Browser allowing you to pre-launch on load up to 5 of your favourite sites. You can add your tech news sites, search engines or any site that you want! Here are some of the features of FavSites:

– Customise up to 5 sites to be displayed in the tabs (name can be customised too!). 1 Tab is the minimum allowed.
– Manual clearing of application cache (which caches the pages to your internal storage) or automatically clearing of cache on exit
– Exit confirmation dialog (can be enabled or disabled)

That’s about all the features for version 1.0. Here are the instructions / tips on how to use FavSites effectively:

– Press your android device’s “Menu” button/icon to access the context menu which contains the preferences, about and exit button.
– In the preferences > tab options section, leaving ANY tab name blank (except Tab 1) will hide that tab from being displayed in the next launch of FavSites.
– Pressing the “back” button/icon on your android device will go back to the previous page of the selected tab. If you’re at the last page already, pressing the back button will close the app WITHOUT confirmation.
– To exit the app, press the “Menu” button/icon and then press on the “Exit” button.

Planned features for next release:
– Zoom feature and/or pinch-to-zoom
– Forward, backward, refresh buttons via context menu
– External SD card cache option

Here are some screenshots of the app:
FavSites Screenshot 1 of 4  FavSites Screenshot 2 of 4

FavSites Screenshot 3 of 4  FavSites Screenshot 4 of 4

So without further ado, here’s the download link to FavSites 1.0 (Tested on Android 2.1 and above in Emulator and Nexus One Running On Android 2.2):

Download FavSites 1.0

If you have any comments/suggestions/bug reports, kindly use the comment feature in this blog or if you prefer, send them over to malcolm.lim [AT] Thanks and enjoy 🙂

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