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Third Android Application – Go Dutch! Released!

August 27, 2010 Leave a comment

This marks the 3rd android application that i’ve developed and the first one that took me about a week to develop due to careful testing and planning on the user interface, background and also overall design elements on the application. Now what is go dutch! about? Here’s the lowdown:

Go Dutch! is an extremely useful android app that you would want to use when you’re outside with your friends having some drinks, food or perhaps just shopping in general.

Let say someone pays for the bill when you’re out for dinner with your friends, then you want to calculate how much to pay for your portion only, you can use Go Dutch! to do just that. It allows you to add up to 5 items maximum and also allows you to key in the amount of tax in percentage. Also, you can go dutch with everyone on the table and split the bill equally among X number of persons. Say your total bill is $150.95, you want to split it with 5 persons equally, you can use Go Dutch! to do that! Press the context menu button on your android phone for more options.

Besides that, you could also use this app to add up to 5 numbers like a calculator! Its up to your imagination how you want to use it! Grab it now and give it a try!

– Add up to 5 items and calculate with OR without tax
– Option to split bill equally among X number of persons
– Ability to reset and start over
– Option to share app with others through facebook,messaging,email,etc
– Screen is always kept on while this application is in view

Here are the screenshots:

Go Dutch Screenshot  Go Dutch Screenshot

Go Dutch Screenshot  Go Dutch Screenshot

This time I’ve used an alternate android market place to publish my apps for free, you can grab it here:
Go Dutch! v1.0

To see a list of my other apps, go here:
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Have fun 🙂

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